How To make Pumpkin Bread

How To Make Pumpkin Bread


Why not change your kitchen cooking ideas for this week and be more in with the times and Halloween tradition? This beautiful pumpkin bread recipe is the best thing I’ve tried in a long time, I made some and tried it and was amazed by how great it tasted. Yes it is something different and you wouldn’t think of actually making any, but this is defiantly worth trying.

Making Pumpkin Bread

25 Clever Car Tips To Hack Winter

25 Clever Car Tricks For Winter


We all use our cars daily they are involved in most things if it’s going to the shop, or on a 100 kilometre journey. So make sure you car is ready for winter like I’m sure you will be. With these clever tricks you don’t need a garage to do all the work this is a do it your own clever tricks guide.

Clever Car Tricks For Winter

24 Tricks And Tips People didn’t Know About IPhones/IPads

Tricks And Tips For IPhones/Ipads


Iphones are probably the most popular phones in the world to date. Most people are aware of everything that they can do, but with these tips and tricks you might learn something that you didn’t realise yourself.

The die hard Apple fans that have had them from the get go may not even know some of these amazing tricks/tips, so why not start using your iPhone to the fullest..

 25 Top Tricks And Tips For IPhones/IPads

Ingenious Ways For Shoe Storage

Ingenious Ways Storing Your Shoes


So shoe storage is a major problem theses days for men and women, so this is meaning that you have shoes all over the house and where ever you can find space. But with these ideas you will find shoe storage so much more helpful in where to hide them, if it’s your flip flops for holiday to you winter boots in the summer these tips are going to save a lot of hassle.

Shoe Storing Made Easy

Easy To Make Halloween Design Ideas

Easy Design Halloween Makeup Tutorial


Halloween makeup is a big part to dressing up and making your costume look the best it can be. With these simple tutorial videos on how to do your makeup properly and effectively your wonder why your hadn’t started years ago. With Halloween party’s getting bigger and dressing up getting more competitive for the best outfit make sure your up at the top. Check it out below….

Easy Design Halloween Makeup

30 Way To DIY Slices Wood

30 designs to use slice wood


Sliced wood is a great way to redesign or even make amazing things in your home. These very different designs that are shown here will make you appreciate the different ways that wood can be used in all different shapes and forms. Being able to reuse wood to benefit your home is a great way at being green and friendly to enviroment.

Designs for sliced wood

21 Ingenious Ways At Hiding Messy Cables

Ways At Hiding Them Messy Cables


If like me you hate the look of cables behind the t.v or anywhere in the house really. Even cable tidies can cause a lot of mess also, so why not try these ingenious way of hiding cables like me and stop having the mess. It’s made a huge difference and now I’m not sat starring and the cables thinking of ways to make them tidy.

21 Ingenious Ways Of Hiding Cables

Halloween Crafts For Kids

Halloween Cratfs For Kids


A lot of kids like being crafty and creative. Just from simple households items or without spending a lot of money you can keep the children entertained for hours and get them thinking. With these ideas your wounded why you hadn’t looked before, from a rainy day, to a boring Sunday afternoon this will help keep you occupied. Check out the link below….

Hallowen Kids Crafts