15 DIY Fashion Winter Projects

15 DIY Fashion Winter Projects


With winters getting colder and colder your always best to wrap up to keep warm, so with these ideas your be able to reuse a lot of old clothing and make a fashion statement. Here you will find 15 DIY winter projects that will make you realise what you have been missing. These craft ideas will show you many ways that you can reuse old clothing you thought about throwing away, or simple and cheap fabrics you could buy to get your creative ideas flowing.

Diy Fashion Winter Projects

25 Clever Car Tips To Hack Winter

25 Clever Car Tricks For Winter


We all use our cars daily they are involved in most things if it’s going to the shop, or on a 100 kilometre journey. So make sure you car is ready for winter like I’m sure you will be. With these clever tricks you don’t need a garage to do all the work this is a do it your own clever tricks guide.

Clever Car Tricks For Winter

21 Ingenious Ways At Hiding Messy Cables

Ways At Hiding Them Messy Cables


If like me you hate the look of cables behind the t.v or anywhere in the house really. Even cable tidies can cause a lot of mess also, so why not try these ingenious way of hiding cables like me and stop having the mess. It’s made a huge difference and now I’m not sat starring and the cables thinking of ways to make them tidy.

21 Ingenious Ways Of Hiding Cables

Swing Bed From Recyclables

How to make swing bed


Redesign your homes with a swing bed made of recyclables and be different from anybody else. A swinging bed can be both soothing for the mind and allows for storage no need to assemble bed frames and have indented carpet. With this design there will be no dust collecting under the bed on boxs as it can be swing out the way and cleaned. This great idea is a must have espically using recyclables cheap and green.

Building a swing bed

Wine Bottle Bired Feeder

How to build a wine bottle bird feeder


A wine bottle bird feeder is a great way to use your empty bottles, dosent just have to be wine can be from a beer bottle to a champagne bottle. Doing this your also being green and helping the wildlife. You don’t need to keep replacing bird feeders that break this is a guarantee it will last and you can easily make more.

Building a wine bottle bird feeder